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Simplicity is collecting new and gently used children's books to donate to our friends at Windsor Park Elementary School. Join us as we aim to collect 6,000 books -- Click for details, drop-off locations and more!

Simplicity is a nationally recognized professional organizing company
that helps people focus on what matters most.

When we let go of the unimportant, we have more time to enjoy the things we love.

Founded in 2004, Simplicity is a team of Professional Organizers who help clients create space & balance to discover a new sense of harmony in their homes & lives.

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We cover a wide range of organizing needs — from small closets to entire homes. Clearing the clutter, chaos & stress can help you reclaim life’s simple pleasures.

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E-Waste Recycling w/All Green: Who really knows what e-waste is or how to dispose of it safely? We all have it in our homes and offices but often struggle to securely discard it.

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Thank you so much for helping me find a home for my piano with the Charlotte Bilingual Preschool! Knowing that it will be played again and bring joy to children is very comforting. This piano is dear to my heart and I have struggled with letting it go in my need to downsize. You went above and beyond and reached out to the community on your own, and found an excellent, quick solution for me! I am so grateful for the time and effort you gave to make this happen.

D. Glover,
Simplicity Client

I am thrilled as usual! You all did an amazing job and my spirits are so lifted seeing these key places so neat and organized. I absolutely love the work you do and enjoy being around you too.

Angie Zimmern,
Simplicity Client

Thank you so much for helping me lift my burden of clutter and disorganization. I feel like I am stepping out into a new phase of life. Why didn’t I do this sooner? Actually, I tried, but I just needed a professional to help me. And I found you.

Ina Cottingham,
Simplicity Client

I told my husband I want more hours with Simplicity rather than a gift because having them organize my life is the best gift anyone can get; it brings peace of mind, more productivity and allows me to save more time in my life to do the fun things rather than always searching for things.

Courtney Rogers,
Simplicity Client

I just cannot reiterate the major positive change Simplicity has made in my life… I truly feel calm and in control for the first time I can remember.

Laura Monk,
Simplicity Client

Seeing my family photographs in albums gives me such wonderful joy. For years I have put off the “photo project nightmare” because it seemed too huge to even begin to tackle…and those were just the small projects! And then I found Simplicity. I whole heartedly recommend Simplicity for any and all photographic needs and simply cannot put a price tag on the albums they have created for me thus far.

Beth Purdy,
Simplicity Client

Our family hired Simplicity to help us with two moves in a 12-month period. Our experience was awesome! Simplicity helped us de-clutter our entire home from top to bottom in just two working days. My husband and I were amazed. The process was actually “fun” and empowering. Once we closed on a new house, Simplicity came back and transformed our permanent home. Again in two working days, the Simplicity team helped us unpack boxes, separate items by room, and set up our new home in a way that is systematic and streamlined. Simplicity offered wisdom, experience, advice and service. The team was energetic, honest, hard working and lovely to be around!  My husband and I agree that hiring Simplicity was best dollars we spent during our moves. The pricing was fair and the service was outstanding.

Esther Farnham,

Simplicity Organizers are amazing, which explains why I've hired them multiple times! Being organized is in my DNA, but they take it to another level. Through the organizing process, they have made me smarter about living more efficiently. Thank you Simplicity, for making day-to-day living so much easier and less stressful!

Rick Canale,
Simplicity Client

I couldn’t recommend Simplicity more. As someone who operates so much better in an organized environment, I don’t just want their services, but I need them. They are a fantastic group of professionals who will give you a better quality of life!

Webb Simpson,
Simplicity Client

Wow! Cannot thank you enough for the organizing team you provided us. Simplicity worked hard and efficiently but more importantly were so kind and gracious and loving to my parents. Your team were absolutely incredible and we are profoundly grateful!!

Gail Angelo,
Simplicity Client

Every day I am with your team, I fall more and more in love with Simplicity. They are truly deeply caring individuals who are encouraging, non-judgmental and extremely hard-working. Your team understands how physically and emotionally taxing this process can be and I am so lucky to have you all to walk beside me.

Kristen Wester,
Simplicity Client

I loved working with Simplicity. They helped me organized my closet and dresser and made it easier to find my belongings. I was surprised how my things fit so much better in my space with their help. My room now feels fresh and inviting.

MC Kiser, Age 13,
Simplicity Kids Client